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The Lone Wolf 

Hello Fellow Followers,

It’s March already can you believe how time flys! I feel like this year is off with a fast start, full of bazaar weather along with hectic schedules.

I’m going to tell you a little story behind this unique quilt, it’s one of positively and strength. I gather my inspiration from ordinary things like the wildlife around me and my family and friends.

This lone wolf represents strength, diligence and the willingness to stand alone but unite with others when needed it also reminds me of my childhood, where I grew up wildlife was abundant and gave pause to beautiful harmony with God and my surroundings.

It goes back to times spent with my family watching the wolves as they float across the wintery wonderland, looking for there next meal or just frolicking about the meadow and the majestic way they move and how they are always intuitive of their surroundings.

It’s the Lone Wolf that keeps guard watching for danger, or occasional snacks from my grandparents house like cats they where a constant in my life when I was young my grandmother would always watch them, sometimes she would even name them. 

So in turn this quilt represents strength, unity and loyalty and the positively that spring is near!

This quilt was a unique project as I wanted to use this beautiful panel but I was unsure of how it would all tie together.

 So my DH one day said I have an idea! what about a log cabin design it would fit the theme of the wolf, I loved the idea and so in turn my engineer husband designed the layout of this quilt. Yes we work together like that to bring unity to are life.

So with an idea a quilt was created, I wanted the greys in the quilt to represent the fridged winds that swirl about. The blues to represent life and new beginnings of hope for a spring to come.

I top quilted this Lone Wolf Quilt with swirls, and straight line quilting it turned out wonderfully!

I hope you enjoyed the little insight in to this beautiful quilt and a little more about me as each quilt I create is a reflection of me in some form!

I hope you all have a wonderful day 

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