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Mermaid Delight

Hello Fellow Followers,

It’s been so dreary here, rain and an occasional ray of sunshine will shine through the wondering clouds with hopes of spring to finally arrive.

In the meantime I received a beautiful quilt from a friend on Instagram to quilt, this beauty is quite spectacular, with free floating mermaids and and an abundance of clam shells that remind me of a beautiful mermaid tail.

The vivid colors make me want to pack my bags and visit the ocean! So the designs that I chose for this quilt where a combination of many quilting elements. 

I wanted this special quilt to really pop and the mermaids and fish to stand out!

So I used straight line quilting in the clam shells and free hand quilted around the curves, finishing the clamshells with straight lines. In the negative space I chose to add elements of the sea along with a few feathers as accents to the mermaids hair, along with swirls of the lapping waves.

Paired with pebbling and caressing free floating waves with a zig zag in the bottom right mermaid it turned out awesome I really loved the opportunity to quilt this quilt.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I wish I would have gotten better pictures to accent the areas better but the weather has not been in my favor lately and this beauty is packed and ready to go home! 

Thank you Darlene❣️

Until next time have a 

Sew Happy Day💐


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