Pricing and General information for Longarm Quilting.

My starting price, for simple all over designs, starts at $0.03 per square inch. This includes, stippling, large meandering, as well as some straight-line quilting, depending on the design of the quilt.

If you would like custom quilting, (example- small pebbling, feathers, ruler work or a specific design. (The cost will start at $.04 per square inch).

I quilt all my quilt tops freehand, which means no computerized quilting! So each quilt, is unique and customized to your design, in the quilt top.

(I am human, I cannot make each quilt perfect! I will definitely do, the best work possible within my abilities)

I also ask, that you email me pictures, of your quilt, along with the measurements so we can come up with a design and a quote on pricing,  that is suitable for your quilt top.

*As not all quilting motifs are achievable with some quilts.

I would also like to note, that I do require at least (4) extra inches for the backing fabric and the batting, this is for each side of the quilt, as I have to be able to sew the backing fabric to my zippers. Then I attach the quilt, on my frame! The extra fabric, allows me to test the tension, before quilting your quilt. For example if your quilt measures “64×72” cut your backing and batting to measure, “72×80” this is a must!!

I also work with a variety of backings (example, 108 inch backings or sheets along with Minkie.)

Please also note! Pieced backings, if you’re sending a pieced backing, I cannot guarantee that it will be loaded perfectly straight on my frame. If it is not squared up evenly or if there are any unsecured seams. I will not be able to see, if they pop open, so please make sure you seams are secure.

I also ask that all your seams, on your backings, are ironed to one side or the other. As a seam pressed open will usually pop open and can cause a pucker in your backing or a hole!

If you request, me to piece your backing for you it will be a flat rate, of $5.00 a seam.

I will also ask you, to specify if you would like me to trim your quilt, or if you would like to do that yourself.

If you request for me to trim, for you there will be no charge. All fabrics trimmed from the excess backing and batting, will be sent back to you with your quilt top.

I try to match thread colors to the quilt top, so if another thread color, is desired please specify that. Either in your email, or private messages, so I know what color of thread you prefer.

If your quilt is a Vintage or heirloom quilt top, please let me know as some materials may be degraded and require extra time to quilt. As well some quilts, may need stabilization, before being quilted. If this is needed upon receiving, your quilt I will contact you about an adjusted quote.

I do ask that you let me know, if this will be a show quilt, so that way I know if the threads will need to be buried or if you would like to bury your own threads.

At this time, I’m offering Batting by the yard which is $16 dollars a yard depending on the quilts size, it maybe a flat cost to help you save. Which will be discussed in the quote of your quilt.

I carry the following battings The Warm Company. Warm & Natural batting, White & Bright and Warm & White.

I also can use your desired batting, if this batting is not suitable for your quilt.  Just let me know so I can accommodate.

*Please note that if you provide the batting I will still require the same 4 inches extra on each side of the quilt top to match the backing.

I also offer Binding at a flat rate of $50 which is machine sewn to the back of the quilt, and then machine sewn to the front.

If you would like your quilt top to have the binding sewn to the front and then hand sewn to the back, it will be an additional $30.00 charge. As hand sewing takes additional time. It will also add a week, to the turnaround time as well.

I also require, you to pay your shipping to me and then back to you, when the quilt is complete.

This will be included in the quote for your quilting.  I do have the following shipping options available USPS, Fed-Ex and UPS please specify which company that you would like me to you use.

International clientele please note, that shipping will be the quickest, route to you but can not be guaranteed, in a timely manner due to processing through customs.

I do ask, you to label your quilt with your name and specific quilting instructions, so I can email you upon receipt of your quilt top and if when received, we need to revise the quilting design, or if I need to contact you regarding any concerns I may have with your quilt top.

Minimum Quilting Charge is $30.00

I accept all sizes of quilts, big and small.

Payment options-

I accept PayPal or Venmo

I can also make payments arrangements via personal check as well.

Upon discussing your quote for your quilt top, I will need to know what your time frame, is for having your quilt back to you. My typical turnaround time is 4 weeks, depending on the quilting and if I may be away from my studio upon receiving your quilt.

*Please note that I will do my best to return your finished quilt top, to you in a timely manner. But please keep in mind, that I am the only person doing the work and I do need to have a reasonable time frame to work with!

I also would like it to be specified, if I have permission to share your quilts, on my blog and to share pictures of your quilt on social media (Example) WordPress, Instagram, Facebook.

Disclosure* I am not responsible for issues regarding improperly pieced quilt tops, open seams, fullness in borders, or wonky coping strips added to quilts.

Thank you,