My Personal Quilts.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I will be now adding my personal quilts to this part of my blog.

I want to have some separation, from my clients quilts. To share certain aspects of quilting with you all. As well as special things I may make for my family.

So to start off I’m going to share a special quilt with you. This quilt was started when I had the privilege of pattern testing for @CrankyKangaroo on Instagram.

The design was a beautiful hummingbird, after I pieced the test block, I was unsure of what quilt I would use it in. Then at my Modern Quilt Guild we started a traveling bee, quilt so the block was perfect.

A traveling bee quilt, is quilt that has a round added by each member. Until the quilt owner decides they are happy with the size, or everyone has sewn a round on the quilt. My guild added rounds on this quilt until the Aqua boarder.

I then added blocks, I have pattern tested for Joanne Hart of @Unicornharts on Instagram. To my quilt top along with some beautiful blocks I have received in swaps from other wonderful quilters.

This quilt is a collage of beautiful fabrics and unique designs. I think it turned out beautifully. I top quilted my favorite sayings and bible verse, in the quilt top my first sayings was “Never Give Up” In the lime green area of the quilt. Along with “We live by Faith not by sight” Corinthians 5-7 “Dream” and “Imagine” these sayings all have special meanings to me so that’s why I included them in my quilt.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I can never find the perfect lighting, to capture the texture or detail, but I hope you enjoy.

Until next time I hope you have a “Sew Happy Day”