Quilt’s of Love!


Hello fellow followers,

I hope your new year, is off to a wonderful start! Can you believe it’s 2019, it’s a new year of Hope. Along with spreading Joy and doing random acts of kindness.

With that being said, I want to share five beautiful “Quilts Of Valor” with you that Carolyn, so lovingly made. For Veteran’s who have bravely served are country.

The first quilt, is such a wonderful patriotic quilt.

The second quilt, is also of a majestic eagle.

The third quilt is so beautiful “The Land Of Liberty” such a timeless quote.

The fourth quilt, is a special “United States Air Force” quilt I love how each quilt is so special!

The fifth quilt was made for a lady Veteran, this quilt is so beautifully made.

I think what Carolyn, does for Veterans is so meaningful and such a heartfelt blessing. For those who receive her quilts I admire her giving heart she’s such a blessing to so many people including myself!

This year, I would like to ask you, all to do one thing for me. “Spread Kindness Like Confetti” See the change, it can make in just one person’s life, it just may change your perspective on life and bring you peace and serenity, in this new year.

Have a Blessed “New Year” as well as a

🧵Sew Happy Day!



Girl Power!

Hello Fellow Followers,

I hope your summer, has been fantastic! It’s hard to believe we are a few short weeks away from Fall! This is my favorite time of year, crisp mornings that melt in too warm sunny day’s, full of bountiful harvest’s of blessings.

I want to share, with you all an amazing tee-shirt quilt. I had the privilege of constructing and quilting. It was a blast I cannot believe how a quilt can hold so many memories.

Let me tell you Bekah, the quilt recipient is such a wonderful role model. I see so many wonderful programs and teams she has been apart of though-out her school years. It’s refreshing to see such passion and dedication . •

I hope you enjoy, the pictures and be inspired but such a talented young woman!

Thank you, Katie and Bekah it was such a honor to work with you both!

Until next time “Have a Sew Happy Day”