About Myself

A Little about myself, I’m a self taught quilter! I learned how to quilt by chance.

I worked at a local hospital at the time and some fellow coworkers and myself, heard about a local Quilting class, being offered by the Quilt shop in town. The best part it was for Beginners! I had always wanted to learn how to quilt and I was very determined to succeed.

I took that class and now the rest is history, I then learned all I needed to know though trial and error. After 10 years of quilting, I started making quilt’s for others and started offering Longarm Quilting services in 2019. I absolutely love helping others, preserve there quilts as well as helping them create unique work of art. It’s in my soul to create and share my passion with others!

I hope you find your inner creativity and if you need your quilt, to be brought to life with the fluid movement of thread send your quilt my way!

Let’s build something together.