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Sunshine Swoon Quilt 

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share with you all a very beautiful swoon quilt made by my dear friend Kathleen, I’m amazed at her perfect piecing and beautiful combination of colors in this quilt they blend in perfect harmony!

This quilt is a very special quilt and is for a loved one. The time and dedication she has given to this masterpiece is inspiring, so I decided since it’s so cheery with its diverse yellows and suttle grey’s to call it The Sunshine Swoon Quilt. ☀️

I wanted a design that made the quilting Kathleen did to complement each other not to overpowering but make it flow together. The choice for quilting was a combination of straight line quilting with flourishing feathers, whimsical flowers and zig zags in the sashing areas.

Overall it turned out beautifully it was a lot of hours and stitches a total of 61 hours and one million four hundred thousand plus stitches! It was absolutely worth it I had a lot of fun quilting this sunny quilt.

I hope you enjoy the pictures it was hard to get a good picture of the back as the thread blended so well with the backing and it was a dreary day here today.

Thank you Kathleen it was a pleasure to quilt for you!!

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!


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