Quilts Of Valor

Quilt’s Of Valor.

Hello Fellow Followers.

I hope everyone, is well and having a wonderful start to Autumn. 🍂 It’s still pretty nice in the Pacific Northwest!

Crisp morning’s followed, by sunny warm days with an abundance of vibrant fall color’s.

I want to share with you all, some beautiful Quilts of Valor that Carolyn, sent. Each one is lovingly made, with care and a purpose for veteran’s that served for are freedoms we enjoy today.

I’m so thankful, for are veterans as they put are Country first.

Before themselves, or their family’s a lot of those people, made the ultimate sacrifice! To them I’m truly thankful.

With that being said, Carolyn made three unique quilts, to honor the veteran’s. I love how each one, is unique in its own way. The different patterns and fabrics frame each panel beautifully.

I chose to quilt each one differently, with simple designs that would not overpower the center panel.

I hope you, enjoy the pictures. I somehow forgot to take a picture, of one of the quilts.

Thank you, Carolyn it was a true delight, to work with you again dear friend!

I also,would like to personally, thank all of are veteran’s past and present.

For there sacrifice and bravery serving are Country.

Until next time I hope you have a Sew Happy Day.


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