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Summer Suede.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I hope it’s a beautiful sunny day, in your neighborhood. If not, then this post about a unique, one of a kind Suede quilt will surely do the trick.

This was actually, the first Suede quilt that I have Longarmed. It was so soft and supple. It reminded me of the velveteen quilts, that my grandmother had when I was a child.

This quilt was perfectly pieced, and it had such warm inviting colors. After consulting with the quilt maker and drawing up a rough design.

It was decided upon, that the quilt would look beautiful with loops and orange peels along with, free floating feathers and pebbling in the leaf blocks. Then in the first boarder, ribbon candy and then finished off with a ribbon of leaves and loopy swirls.

This quilt is such a show stopper! I hope you enjoy the pictures, it was early morning when I had taken them, so the beautiful details where hard to see.

Thank you, Thereasa it was a pleasure working with you.

Until next time “Have a Sew Happy Day”


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