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Finishing Touches 

Hello Fellow Followers,

I know it’s been awhile since I last updated everyone on the progress of the quilting studio!! 

So we finished the outside trim hung the boards with care making sure every corner was square, overlapping and leveling then on to finishing the porch.

We then started to finish the inside by mudding the walls finishing the windows then sanding everything perfect, when that was finished a fresh coat of paint was applied too the roof a nice shade of cream, and a sage green for the walls!!

Then we installed a wood stove so I can stay toasty warm this winter while sewing, added the light bars so I can see what I’m sewing and a beautiful fan to circulate the heat, and before we knew it the studio was complete. 

I found a few items for my new studio some old some new but it will be so much fun too add my special touches to each piece.

The next step will be too fill the wonderful space with all my quilts and organize this area so everything is neat and orderly as I love organization!!

I will continue too post about this new endeavor of space where all my creativity can flow and my ideas can become reality.

Until next time have a wonderfully blessed day!!!


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