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Building Progress 

Hello Friends,

It’s been such a busy last month, we finished the outside of the quilting studio and now the long part is starting!

We put the insulation in and made sure every crack was sealed from the ceiling to the floor their should not be any drafts blowing through my French doors!!

It’s starting to take shape my dream area full of raw potential, just waiting for fresh ideas and creativity. I’m so excited to see the progress we are hanging drywall it’s a tedious process as I want everything just right before we tape and mud the seams together. 

So when I paint those beautiful blank canvas’s I can put my own flair in every brush stroke create a space all my own I absolutely love color but I decided on a soft sage green for my walls as I have plans for those walls, they will hang work of my friends and of my own, I want memories to be made inside those walls.

To see the progression in my work to evolve to new heights, I need to step out of my bubble and create works of art that are trapped in my mind just waiting to be released.

With the soon arrival of Fall and all the wood splitting we have been doing it’s going to be so nice to sit in the winter and watch the snowflakes fall in a toasty, draft free area and create. 

So with that said we are along ways from finished but we feel accomplished my husband and boys have worked so hard to support their. Mom in her dream and for that I’m truly thankful 

A lot can change in a year and mine has been a very hard one but I count my blessings and give thanks to God for my beautiful family without there support I would not be where I am today!!

So here is to fresh starts, blank canvases that are waiting to emerge in to beautiful butterflies it’s my canvas and I’m ready to create a masterpiece!!!

Until next time count your blessings and give thanks for the simplistic things they are truly huge accomplishments!!!

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