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My Update on Building and Life~

Hello fellow followers,

The weeks have been flying by at a rapid rate, my boys are finishing up another year of school track for my oldest is now complete, my youngest is finished with book reports so we have been more focused on outside chores and building! 

It’s been great the progress we have made is so gratifying I have put my sewing on hold well the big sewing as I would say I’m focusing on mini quilt swaps and UFO’s getting all my projects lined up and rechargeing my creative battery.

I really need the rest as I will be going to a multitude of Doctor appointments soon yet again for my back, it’s a bittersweet thing I had a life changing infection 6 years ago that left a hole in my sacrum that’s unrepairable I’m considered a high risk patient with that said I’m leaning on God and my family for strength as my journey ahead is unknown and scary it looks like a very risky surgery in my future but I know with Gods help it will all work out.

So for now I’m help my husband build on my quilting studio and I’m also building my trust with God for we all go through things we should not have too but these are building blocks for a reason, to strengthen are bond with each other and to rely are strength so I’m digging deep and going to heal from within take a break to spend time with the ones I love I will keep you all updated with my progress!!

I bid farewell and leave you with some progress photos, may you all have a blessed day~~

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