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Progress on My Quilting Studio~

Hello Fellow followers,

It’s been a month or so since my last update, it’s been crazy busy with making beautiful Quilts, table runners and mini quilts but oh how I love to create unique treasures. 

In the mean time the foundation has been layed, the flooring joists put in the subflooring assembled, the framing up and the ridge beam in place!!! 

It has been a process as my dear husband has been doing all the work after he gets off his 6 to 5 job needless to say he’s tired but the progress is gratifying. I’m so proud of him and cannot wait to be quilting in such a huge space it will be overwhelming but so nice.

So here is a line up of some of the projects that I have been working on a lot are inspired by my animals or nature I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I also now have my own website you can now checkout all my quilts in one convenient location!!!

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!! 😊

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