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Aztec Quilt 

Hello fellow followers, 

I know it’s been a while since my last post, I’m truly sorry with spring in full force it has takin a lot of my time and trying to meet my own personal deadlines it’s been exhausting! 

Anyways I have been working the last three weeks on a beautiful Aztec quilt inspired by my native roots, I wanted it to be bright but sutle, fierce but strong it represents so much more then a design it too me is life in the spring when the flowers are in full bloom when the Indian paint brushes caress the beautiful mountains, when the woods are teaming with activity it awakens the soul if you ever get the chance to be in the mountains take a breath of fresh air  To unplug.

It will awaken so much that has been lost by the chaios of are busy lives it’s my spring recharge I call it.

So with that said here is this quilt its made from Moda fabrics Grunge line paired with Kona cream I top quilted it with straight lines, zig zags echoing triangles it was truly so much fun but now it’s finished and in my Etsy shop waiting for the perfect person to see the inspiration behind the quilt the connection to nature in every quilt I make 

Until next time have a truly blessed day!!!

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