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Quilts Of Valor

Hello Friend’s

How has your March started off? Mine has been busy and full of Spring activities. The snow has melted and the tulips, are starting to peak through the ground! Which means more outside chores. Which I’m thankful I can do because of the Brave Men and Women who have served in the military to help us have the freedom to do what we choose. I appreciate there sacrifice, honor and dedication to are country.

That’s why I love working on Quilts of Valor! It it an honor and Carolyn sent some fantastic quilts to be quilted. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did quilting them up! May we never forget there sacrifice!

This Quilt is a very special one, as it’s going to the mother of a Fallen Soldier!
“May we never Forget“

Thank you, for everyone who has served in any branch of the service!

Thank you, Carolyn for everything you do for are soldiers! You’re such a blessing, to so many!

Until next time I hope you have a “Sew Happy Day”


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