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Batik Bliss Quilt.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I can’t believe that it’s almost May, I hope the beginning of everyone’s year has went well and spring is arriving in your neighborhood.

Today I want to share, with everyone five beautiful quilts, made by Lee.

I think the first quilt, is called “Crystal Blooms” but I may be incorrect. This wonderfully pieced beauty is just spectacular I can see, the love that went in to this quilt.

I wanted the top quilting to accent the quilt top so I outlined the batik fabrics. Then stitched in the ditch, along the white batik fabrics then added large pebbling and flowing feathers, in the larger accent spikes it turned out beautifully.

The Second quilt was a fun one it’s called “The Labyrinth Quilt” it’s like a quilt maze that teases your brain. I wanted this quilt to have the same dimension and complexity of the maze.

So I quilted angled straight lines, on the lighter grey and then a heavily saturated pebbling. In the dark grey leaving the white open and in the boarders, I went with a straight line and pebbling design.

The third quilt was a fun whimsical yellow and green dots quilt. I went with simple loops and triangle accents along with ribbon candy and an infinity loop on the outer boarder.

The fourth quilt, was a cute scrappy brown square and rectangle quilt. I went with simple swirls and accented the large squares with diamond peels.

The fifth quilt, was a very pretty quilt it had a Southwestern feel to it. I outlined the free floating blocks and quilted swirls and outline the squares along with a fun zig zag design in the navy blue off set square’s

I had a lot of fun, quilting these unique quilts.

Thank You, Lee I appreciate the honor to quilt for you.

Until next time, I hope you all have a

“Sew Happy Day”


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