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Modern Creativity Quilt.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I hope this blog post, find’s you well and happily sewing on a beautiful quilt.

I recently received this gorgeous, quilt from Gayleen. It is the perfect reflection of Modern quilts, with its scrumptious Cotton+Steel fabric’s, I instantly fell in love with it.

This was a special quilt, made for a family member of Gayleen’s, so she wanted it to be extra special.

I quilted a large free flowing feather’s, on the outer border’s paired with swirl orange peel’s for the squares. Accented with ribbon candy, It turned out beautifully.

Ugh sigh, tho I fight a constant battle with either matching the thread to well, or a lack of proper lighting, on drab day’s. That it’s hard to see the top quilting.

Thank you Gayleen, for the honor to quilt for you!

I hope you all enjoy the picture’s of this amazing quilt.

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!!!


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