Quilts Of Valor

Treasure’s from the heart.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share with you all a unique variety, of quilts made by Carolyn.

I love the variety and complexity of each quilt, it’s like a fresh canvas, I get to create a unique complementary design for.

The first quilt is a special, Quilt of Valor, With magnificent eagles that are the focal point of the quilt.

This is the wonderful backing, Carolyn made it fits this quilt beautifully.

The next quilt is a beautiful hummingbird quilt, with large flowers it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The next awesome quilt, is one with elaborately embroidered bird blocks. This one was so much fun!

The next quilt is a fun festive Christmas quilt I love the large poinsettia’s.

The next quilt, is another strip quilt for thanksgiving in cheerful fall colors.

The last quilt, is a beautiful floral wall hanging with an afternoon tea.

I hope you enjoyed, the beautiful array of wonderful quilts.

Thank you, Carolyn.

Until next time I hope you all have a Sew Happy Day.


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