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Everlasting Love Quilt.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share with you all, a quilt that is a true treasure, it’s a vintage piece that has been in the quilt owner’s family for many generations.

I received this well worn quilt from a friend, it was handmade by her great grandmother and sewn together by her grandmother about ten years ago. It’s constructed with fabrics from many generations made up of clothing and beautiful fabrics. I was amazed with the wonderful shape it was in when I received it.

The reason for its restoration, was the previous longarmer added an aqua boarder on the quilt and tried quilting it, but with the shift in the multiple layers of different fabrics, it was heavily creased on the backing and quilt top.

The first step was simple, to carefully remove the binding along with carefully removing all the top quilting, along with the batting. Once I had this step completed I then soaked the quilt in a special soap called Soak, especially made for vintage items it removes the yellowing of fabrics and helps restore the fragile fabrics.

After the quilt had been hung to dry naturally, I then removed the Aqua boarders and boarded the quilt which is a process where you soak the quilt in your bath tub with lukewarm water then I carefully squeezed out the water and pinned it to insulation boards and stretched the quilts waviness out as best as I could allowing it to fully dry.

Once dried I then stabilized the quilt with two layers of fabric interfacing, this helps the quilt to not shift and helps the degraded fabrics to last longer and make the quilt more durable in the long run. After it was stabilized I added 4 1/2 inch white boarders to the quilt and then the quilt owner and I discussed quilting motifs.

Once the design was decided on I proceeded to start the quilting process with scrolling Feathers and large connected circles with an intertwined feather design in the center. This is where the idea for the name of the quilt came from as Everlasting Love is always infinitive and this quilt is a beautiful reflection of Love in its truest form.

Thank you DeLaine, for allowing me the honor to work on such a precious treasure, as I know how much your grandmother meant to you it’s a bond that can never be explained it’s a bond of love.

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day.


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