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My Busy Life ✨

Hello fellow followers,

These days have been so busy,with track practices for my oldest to school projects for my youngest, Sewing and horses they all blend together. 

So in short we love are busy lives enriched with God and are strong values and work ethic I would not change a thing as I was working my horses today I had time to reflect on the simplicity of things in nature, how they inspire me to see things in a different light my horses and mules are willing to please with there warm muzzles,nugging me to give them more attention I love them and long for sunny days to go riding and packing in the mountains.

I also enjoy what I do making treasures from the heart being able to share with others my passion, my gift as my grandma would put it so in light of busy days please take the time too see the simple things the birds singing there praises,the grass the spring flowers getting ready to bloom and enjoy your family no matter how large or small or fur baby’s included . 

Until next time have a Sew Happy day and week 🌷💐🌷🌷

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