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State Birds & Flowers

Hello Friend’s

Have you ever seen a Vintage State Bird & Flower quilt? I remember when I was only two or three and my grandma, had the prettiest quilt on her bed. I remember it having Birds and Flowers on it and I would sit and trace my fingers, over the delicate stitches thinking how interesting they all where.

Then I got the opportunity, to quilt a beautiful State Bird & Flower quilt. for Stephanie, she had all the blocks her grandmother so loving made. She decided to make all those beautiful blocks, in to a quilt. It’s quilts like these, that make me so happy that I can help preserve such treasured memories and keep them alive in someone else’s heart! I hope you enjoy the pictures, of this truly amazing quilt!

Thank you, Stephanie it was a pleasure working with you!

Until next time “Have a Sew Happy Day”


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