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Shattered Window Hawaiian Style.

Hello Fellow Followers,

Guess what! It’s snowing in my little part of the high desert!

I’m so excited! I love the first real snow fall of the year, it’s magical and makes me feel in the holiday spirit.

I want to share with you all, a quilt that makes you want to escape, to a sunny warm beach in Hawaii! The vibrant Batik, fabric’s in this quilt are spectacular. The fabrics where actually acquired, in Hawaii. That’s why the theme of sea turtle’s is the main theme, of the center of the quilt.

Gayleen, pieced this quilt with so much love for her aunt. I think she will be over the moon happy with this thoughtful gift.

It was decided, to quilt flourishing feathers on the outer aqua borders. With one inch bubbles, to represent bubbles in the ocean. Along with floating ribbon candy strands, in between. With a special turtle and sea plants centerpiece.

I think this special quilt, turned out fantastic! It makes me want to go to a tropical island!

Thank you Gayleen, blessings to you my friend.

Until next time have a “Sew Happy Day”


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