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The Season of Giving.

Hello Fellow Followers,

I know it’s been awhile since my last blog post, it was a busy November for me and my family. Now with the start of December underway, I want to reflect on this season of giving and caring. I want to share a little story with you all.

It started last summer when a older gentleman moved in next door, I first noticed him picking up garbage near my yard fence. He looked like he had seen better days and was down on his luck, I asked him why he was picking up garbage near my fence! His reply was simple I wanted your nice yard to not be littered with my garbage that had blown over during the night. I said you really don’t need to do that I can pick it up, he just commented “ok” and walked away, over the course of the summer he transformed the eyesore of a place next door in to a articulate maze of organized items.

We would see each other occasionally, when I went to retrieve my mail and we would make small talk, about the weather or what projects he was working on he seemed like a genuine soul. Kind and quiet just content on working with his hands turning trash in to treasures one day at a time. The house next door looks a lot different now it looks like a home. It may not be a pristine palace but it’s his and he takes comfort in the small things.

Last week, God impressed me to make him a quilt! After a recent conversation with him he mentioned that his older mobile home get awfully chilly on these winter nights and that’s why he will go outside at night and make a bonfire to warm up.

I felt a tug at my heart strings here is an elderly man who is just wanting to belong, wanting to have a safe and warm place to stay. It’s something we all take for granted me myself included. With this impression from God I gathered my fabrics in an array of warm Browns, oranges and wildlife prints and made him a simple square on square quilt I backed it with a soft flannel to keep him cozy and I will gift it to him soon with a care package of food.

It’s in times like these that I’m grateful for the little things that I’m so blessed to have, that’s why if I can do something that I do everyday to help bless someone else less fortunate it makes it all worth it.

My heart is happiest when I’m giving as God have his only son Jesus so we may know the true meaning of Christmas and so we may have everlasting life.

God made the ultimate sacrifice for us, so it seems only fitting for this season to help spread joy, as well as to bless someone else who may never be able to return the favor! That’s the true meaning of Christmas right.

I hope you may all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. If have the chance help someone this Christmas you may be the blessings they have been asking for!


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