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One Year Today!

Hello Fellow Followers,

It’s been a year since, I opened my business and decided to sell on Etsy.

I have had alot of fun designing my own quilts and sharing them in my shop, it has given me the freedom to create unique items, that I hope my followers like.

I also have designed a few patterns one is going to be published in a magazine this summer. I’m beyond excited and feel truly blessed with this opportunity. 

It has been very gratifying and in other ways disappointing I have learned so much along my journey as a new business owner. Thank the good lord for my husband as I chat non stop about ideas, quilt designs and implementing nature in the quilts I create.

 He is such a wonderful supporting man for me in so many aspects of my life he supports my dreams and nurtures my creativity, even if it’s one am and I wake up scrambling to jot down ideas, he laughs and always has a quirky comment to go along with my dash for paper and pen.

So my down falls this year have been just a few number one, I’m still grieving a loss of someone very dear to my heart. I know people keep telling me get over it! but it only makes the hole in my heart worse,so I have taken that In stride and distanced my self from those unsupportive people.

Number two I do not get enough sleep I’m a workaholic. I tend to work until I cannot manage to stay awake it’s something I have had since I was a child. After time it catches up to me so I’m working on scheduleing more time for me and my family.

I would also like to thank all the wonderful people who have supported me  in all aspects of my life may it be locally, Instagram or on Facebook your kindness and caring words have brightened so many of my days I’m truly blessed to have such caring people in my life.

All I can say is I absolutely love quilting and the calm it brings it’s a wonderful stress reliever it helps my mind keep focused and the best part is.

I can still do the most important job of all being a mom so this business of mine not only feeds my passion it also helps support my family by going on fun trips, or to help with the out of know where things break in this house fund.

So I want to share a few quilts that I have pieced and quilted this month may they bring you inspiration.

I hope you all have a truly wonderful day!!

Jenn xoxo 

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