The Lion 

The Jungle Abstraction quilt : The Lion

Pattern by Violet Craft

This was a fun quilt, a very intense quilt to put together it had 120 some sections some mirrored some not it is a paper pieced pattern which I absolutely love I’m a total paper piecing addict anything challenging and fun or super easy I will try it if it’s paper pieced some people ask me why I love paper piecing so much well it’s just plain fun and Accurate 😊

This quilt means a lot to me I started it for a modern quilt guild class I was teaching I wanted to show fellow quilters that paper piecing can be modern and you can twist it and remove designs to create something new and awesome in a quilt so when I seen Violet Crafts Lion pattern I knew it was a perfect fit for the class.

It took me around a month to assemble as my beloved grandma became ill and was in the hospital a lot so all my free time was spent talking to her on the phone as I live 9 hours away I completed it on September 29 if you wonder why I remember the date so well it is because the strongest woman I know passed away my grandma she loved cats and lions and nature in general.

So this quilt you see holds a big part of my heart she kept telling me when I see you next time you will have that big lion finished and it will be stunning ~

When October came I taught my class on Modern paper piecing it was a success it taught me to be patient to be kind and most of all treasure each day as your last

In Loving Memory of Jeanette Hopkins ✨

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