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Now And Later Quilt

Hello Quilters~

This quilt is such a fun stash buster you can save for it now or you can later or pick and choose your favorite fabrics now.

the blocks are so easy to assemble they are a 2.5 inch square with a 2.5 inch by 4.5 inch rectangle sewn one way and then you alternate the direction to give it a stair stepping effect I chose random colors and values as I wanted it to be unique.

The fabrics in the quilt range from Moda, Henry Glass, Timeless Treasures, Kona, Stonehenge, Grunge and probably many more it was a fast quilt it took me about a week to construct between my family and animals.

I quilted it with a allover daisy design with curly leaves and  a star or two which is my signature I put a small star in each quilt I make I hope you enjoy this little blog about a ugly scrap that turned in to a beautiful quilt until next time have a Sew Happy Day!!!nwlbacking


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