Quilts Of Valor

Quilt’s of Love

Hello Friend’s

It’s February and love is in the air, or is it just the month? That makes us see all the blessings that are everywhere! I’m happy to see the bright spots in this world, especially when they are quilts!

These gorgeous quilts, where brought to me by a good friend, to have quilted up! They are so special! One quilt, is for her son who’s overseas in the Army. I know he will be super excited for this special quilt!

Plus she made a few extra quilts, to gift to other fellow soldiers. Togive them that warm quilty goodness hug, when they are so far from home! How awesome is that!!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful quilts, made with a mother’s love! It’s the purest form of love, that a mother has for her child. I feel so honored to play just a small part, in something so special!

Thank you, Alison it was a pleasure working with you! Until next time “Have A Sew Happy Day”


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