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Unicorn Wishes

Hello Fellow Followers,

It’s been awhile, since my last post! It seems everything in the world, has been shook-up and it personally scary! I pray that everyone, is fairing well during the quarantine. May you all be in good health!

I want to share with you, all a beautiful panel quilt called “Crescent Magical Unicorn” designed by Sarah Watts. This digital printed panel, is truly gorgeous! I have been waiting, for the perfect time to quilt it up for myself! It took me a lot longer then anticipated. Due to planting my family’s garden and preparing for spring chickens and cows. But nevertheless it’s finished and ready to show off on my bed!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I used all my extra bobbins, so I have a very colorful background! Which is just perfect, with me. I pray you all are well and sewing away! I look forward, to seeing everything that’s being stitched up during this down time! Stay safe my friends and hold your loved one’s a little tighter and enjoy the simple things, it will make your life more blessed!

Until next time have a Sew Happy Day!


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