Gallery of Quilts


Hello Fellow Followers,

Wow, where did June go? It seemed like it was just the beginning of the month! Well it’s almost July and the first day of “Summer” I want to share, with you all a beautiful Triangle quilt, that Linda made.

I absolutely love, all the vibrant colors on the crisp white background of this quilt. It is a show stopper, it is also a perfect quilt for her granddaughter, who just graduated high school.

I really had fun with this quilt, the first green boarder. I quilted orange peels, with a flower petal design in the pink. With a triangle design, in the larger white border.

In the center triangle, design I used a curved loop giving the quilt some movement. I think this quilt turned out fantastic.

Linda, It was a pleasure working with you again! I hope your granddaughter, loves her special gift.

Until next time I hope you have a “Sew Happy Day”


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