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Graduation Day, for my Son.

Hello Fellow Followers,

Well guess what today is? It’s yes June 7th, 2019. It’s also my oldest sons high school graduation! I cannot believe it, I’m excited sad, as well as a proud mama.

I remember when Lanes, was a little boy not a care in the world. Playing with his matchbox cars and legos, now he’s a truck driving video game master!

Lanes, excelled in high school and his cross county and track program’s he is such a kind hearted young man with God in his heart! He’s always willing to help others and is not afraid of a challenge.

He’s also enrolled in college, for this fall to start pursuing his career in “Criminal Justice” he is wanting to become a Game Warden.

I designed this quilt for Lane, with his passion running the main focus of the quilt. Each block hold’s a special meaning, the tee shirts are all from Cross Country and Track. As well as special races where he was invited. The numbers are from every race, he has ran from his freshman year, until his Senior year of high school. They’re from his racing bibs the large “E” is his letter he received in Cross Country and I wanted to include that in his quilt along with the school’s mascot the Tiger.

The center of the quilt, represents all the various tracks and Cross Country courses he has ran. The shoes are symbolic as Lanes always moving he rarely sits still unless he’s playing video games!

The German Shepherd, represents his love for the breed as well as dogs in general. Since he’s going in Law Enforcement, he would like to one day, have a K-9 of his own.

I hope you enjoy, the pictures of his quilt. As well as a little about this special young man of mine.

Until next time “Have a Sew Happy Day”

I’m so excited it’s “Graduation Day”


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