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A New Year!

Hello Fellow Followers,

Can you believe it! It’s 2019, I’m still wondering where my year has went. It started out at a steady pace, with more quilts on my mind, then I could possibly create.

Then mid spring, I started working up a few quilt designs, that have been floating around in my head. The “High Country Bosses” foundation paper piecing line. I have had them published for over six months now it’s so hard to believe.

So I think it’s time, for me to start designing again. I feel like, I have been really struggling this last year, with designing creative original designs, that speak of who I am and that have my own signature. So many things have distracted me this last year, I have had a lot of health issues.

Primarily in my bones and joints, I was diagnosed a few years ago, with a rare autoimmune disorder, that makes my whole body hurt horribly. While suppressing my immune system.

So someday’s I feel less productive then I should be! It’s super frustrating but I’m grateful, for all my blessings and things I can do. That’s what makes me work harder, for things I really want.

So with that being said! A huge thank you! Goes out to everyone! Who has supported me and my business, this last year. I’m truly grateful and blessed to have each and every one of you in my life!

I want to wish you all a new year, full of hope, new dreams and conquered goals.

May the Lord Blessed you in this New Year.


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