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My Memory Quilt.

Hello Fellow Followers,

It’s been a little while since my last post, so today I would like to share a very special quilt with you all. It’s a quilt made up with grief,pain, tears and immense Joy.

This is my memory quilt, in the center is my grandma’s last tee shirt, the quilt is made with all cat fabrics, from some wonderful people on Instagram in a swap that was held last year.

When I was a child and as long as I can remember. My grandma, always had a cat or two that we would pester and love on. I seen the joy it gave her to pet and love on them, they where her balm for the soul she named each one with a special name and would talk to them like children. I guess her love for cats rubbed off on me as I love cats.

But since her passing, I have been very sad I do not show it on the outside because I hate answering why I’m sad or why I can’t deal with my grief!! I have to walk this journey alone, as it is a journey only I can overcome with God’s help. I have found so much comfort in God’s word and it’s reflected in each block of this quilt.

The center cat, represents strength and Joy and everlasting Love it’s like my Grandma smiling at me I take comfort in that, the other cat blocks are my building blocks to find a path through the grief and anger to the beautiful memories I have of my Grandma the time we shared the laughter and funny things she would say to brighten my day.

Each block helped me heal my heart one stitch at a time. I’m no longer sad I’m happy that I was lucky enough to have such a special person in my life to mentor to me and to show me so much love and Kindness who guided me in the direction to God.

My wish to you all is this, if your hurting or struggling with something that weighs heavy on your heart. Talk to someone or put your Faith in God for through him we have peace and he will give you the healing that your heart may need.

So if you have noticed, I wrote the words of significance to me “My Faith Love and Joy” under the center cat along with my favorite bible verse Psalm 23. With the final words on the bottom of the quilt “Always in My Heart ”

I hope you all, have a wonderful day and may it be blessed, with the ones you hold dear in your heart.


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