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Vintage Roses Quilt 

Hello Fellow Followers,

I want to share a beautiful vintage themed rose quilt, with you all that Carolyn sent. It’s so beautiful with it’s robust roses in full bloom, in beautiful vases.

The fabric was designed I think by Wilmington fabrics in panels, Carolyn then framed each block beautifully and added a vibrant rose fabric to the sides.

This was such a fun quilt, as I wanted this quilt top to really pop so I asked Carolyn, if I could use a rich red Aurifil thread to accent each rose with a sage green Aurifil thread to accent the leaves.

We decided on free floating feathers in between the frames blocks in vibrant red as well as for outlining the roses. The vases where quilted with green to blend with the background, then finishing off the side borders, with a fun flourishing flower motif.

It turned out beautifully!! Thank you Carolyn I hope you enjoy.

I hope you all,

Have a Sew happy day!!


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