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Baby Bunting Quilt 

Hello Fellow Followers, 

I want to share with you an adorable quilt, that was designed around my clients son’s baby clothes. This adorable quilt started with a picture, that was seen on a popular website, so Betsy contacted me and asked if this Bunting quilt would be possible? I stated why of course I can do that!!

So she carefully gathered her favorite baby clothes and picked out the cutest fabrics to complement the quilts design, each outfit that she chose has special meaning, so this quilt is a true treasure!!!

Once I carefully cut out the Bunting flags that where made from her son’s clothes. I arranged them in a free hanging banner design. Rick rack was then added to the top of the Bunting to give it that special touch.

I top quilted swirly loops and on the outer edges quilted large flags to complement the border fabric. It turned out so nicely!!

 Thank you Betsy I hope you enjoy your quilted treasure.

Until next time have a Sew happy day 😃

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