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Fabric Boxes

Hello fellow followers 

Fabric boxes oh my these gems are Sew fun to make and are very functional.

They make organization a snap with there cute fabric and buttons, I seen a small picture add on Facebook about them, so I did some investigation and could not really find a pattern for them,so in turn I stared at this picture of this fabric box for about a week. Until my  “ahhah” moment happen I them sketched out a rough design, analized the picture once more and went from there. 

I figured the boxes had to be in the 4 to 5 inch range for width and length so I took a 12 inch square layered pretty sides together put batting on the bottom, sewed around all of the square except a small opening so I could turn it right sides out then I pressed all the creases out payed attention to making sure my corners where nice and crisp, then sewed along the outer edge being sure to sew down my opening I continued to do this around and around until I was in the center of the square.

Then I ironed it flat yet again, folded the square in half then stitched a nice 45 degree angle in 2 corners then folded in half again sewed those corners then you should have a rough square box! After that you iron your edges nice so the box sits square when up right, then you will have 4 flaps on the sides tack those all down, turn inside out and then iron the tops of the box where you will anchor a button and there you go your in love with making Fabric boxes. These cute boxes are available for sale in my etsy shop 

I hope you enjoyed this post until next time 

Have a Sew Happy Day 🌷🌷🌷 


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