The Mighty Thathanka.

Hello Friend’s

I want to share a lovely quilt, I made for a custom order. I had a lot of fun making this quilt. I wanted to share a little history, of the mighty Buffalo!

The tȟatȟáŋkabuffalo — are held in high regard by the Lakota people. It is respected as a symbol of the divine because for Native Americans, the buffalo was a “banquet” for the people.

The buffalo — tȟatȟáŋka — gave up its own flesh and life to feed the Native American people. It provided for their every need by way of sheltering them with its hide over their tipis; covering their bodies as clothing and their feet as moccasins.

For the Native Americans, the buffalo also provided everyday utensils such as needle and thread, awls, bowls and more. In this way, the tȟatȟáŋkabuffalo — was a true relative for the people — making life possible.

So when you see a Buffalo, you will be able to appreciate all they have given to us. I hope you enjoy the pictures of this magnificent quilt!

Thank you, Marie it was a pleasure working with you!

Until next time I hope you have a “Sew Happy Day”


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