Gallery of Quilts

Autumn Delights

Hello Friend’s

I know it’s not Autumn, but I had the privilege to quilt up these gorgeous quilts, designed by Cheryl Haynes of Prairie Grove Peddler Quilts.

The first adorable quilt, is called Autumn Garden. I absolutely fell in love with this whimsical quilt!

The second beauty is called “Autumn Birds” I love all the colorful birds, flying about!

The last lovely quilt, is called “Falling Leaves” this quilt would make a beautiful addition to any area looking for some beautiful movement & color.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of these adorable patterns! If you would like to see more designs, of Cheryl’s visit her website

Thank you Cheryl, it was a pleasure working with you again! Until next time “Have a Sew Happy Day”


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