Gallery of Quilts

Spring Flowers.

Hello Fellow Followers, I hope spring has started to appear, at your home. If not then these beautiful quilts, will tide you over until your spring flowers begin to bloom.

Carolyn, sent two beautiful quilts, to be quilted. The first quilt is called “Natures Garden” this beauty, has so many beautiful flowers and leaves. It was quilted the same as the suggested quilting diagram, that Carolyn, had sent along with it.

I sometimes add some of my own personal touches, such as a swirl here and a feather their. As I really dislike, following someone else’s work. I like creating my own canvas, for a quilt which often leads me, in to over quilting a design but it’s really worth it.

The next quilt I’m calling the “Flourishing Flowers” as it has such pretty embroidered flowers, in the center’s of each on point block, with a soft blue sashing.

I think both of Carolyn’s, quilts turned out beautifully.

Thank you, Carolyn for trusting me with your treasure’s

Until next time have a “Sew Happy Day”

Jenn. 💐

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