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Hello fellow Quilters and quilt admirers

I wanted to let you know there has been a lot going on lately I have opened my own Etsy shop it’s quite simple and efficient and a great way for me too get my works of art to everyone equally.

I have some of my work on there to give you an idea of some of the quilts,that I make some modern some traditional and some whimsical and fun also mixed with useful items like seasonal mug rugs.

This has been a big transition for me as my usual customers are local but I want to market to more people and it just seamed like a logical thing to do, as with family especially in mine it’s busy full of to do’s and as spring is quickly approaching I find it harder to quilt as my outside chores and my horses consume a lot more of my time.

So if you may not be seeing as many posts about quilts and there story’s that maybe why I’m marketing them on Etsy so if you would like you can go to my shop it’s
Until next time I hope you all have a

Sew Happy Day 🌷🌷🌷🌷

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